Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Don't Ignore Your Water Damage

If you suspect water damage in your home you should never ignore it, more than likely it will create an even bigger problem than before. Always call SERVPRO with any questions or concerns.

Powerful Wind Damage

While we may not experience a lot of storm damages but when the Santa Ana winds come through it can be destructive for homeowners. Roofs are an important part of home structures, SERVPRO can be there for all your storm damages.

Faulty Roof

In beautiful California we hardly worry about the condition of our roof because storms aren't common here. In case of a storm you can always call SERVPRO to come out and tarp your roof to protect from rain. 

SoCal Mudslides

Mudslides are not uncommon in Southern California yet hardly any homeowners are prepared for them. This homeowner came home to mud in her closet and called SERVPRO immediately to come help.

Rainy Days

Rain water is a leading cause to damages in homes. SERVPRO can handle all of your storm damages, this home had a roof leak into their attic and SERVPRO was able to remove the ceiling before mold could start growing. 

Fallen Tree Clean Up

This tree had been leaning for as long as the homeowners could remember and after a large storm it finally toppled over into the pool fence. SERVPRO was on the scene to clean up and remove the tree.