Recent Before & After Photos

Your Home

Your home is your sacred place and we recognize that when we are servicing your water damage. We always take great care of your items that were not damaged by e... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage

This kitchen in Simi Valley, California had a dishwasher overflow on to the tile and couldn't get it to stop. After calling out a plumber he recommended calling... READ MORE

Simple Water Damage

It's always important to address a water loss/damage quickly because you never know just how bad it can get. There are lots of different restoration companies w... READ MORE

Front Room Clean Up

This flooded front room of our clients home was the result of a faulty sprinkler in their front yard that caused the whole garden to flood over and into the hou... READ MORE

Water Damage, Nightmare!

These beautiful wood floors in the home of Southern California occupants unfortunately did not survive the recent rainstorms that we had to endure for a few wee... READ MORE

Crawl Space

Our technicians work their hardest to make sure that all areas of your house or property are professionally taken care of. This means even getting in some tight... READ MORE

Commercial Restoration

These before and after pictures show the amount of microbial growth that formed quickly after a large water loss in a high end hotel in Anaheim, CA. Multiple SE... READ MORE

Mold Hotel Before & After

This hotel suffered a large water damage that affected multiple floors and hundreds of rooms, without realizing some of the rooms were affected microbial growth... READ MORE

Before and After Smoke Damage

To the regular eye you might not realize how much damage smoke can actually do, not only to the quality of the air you are breathing but to the possessions of y... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

These homeowners suffered from a bathtub that overflowed because of their young son who turned it on to take a bath and then became distracted and forgot. The w... READ MORE